Flavors with a vanilla or light fruit-based cake

The Italian Rum Cake – Soft Italian sponge cake glazed with rum has alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate Italian pastry cream and is then iced with homemade whipped cream and topped with slivered almonds.

The Italian Cream Cake - An exquisitely soft vanilla italian cream cake studded with pecan pieces and shaved coconut that is frosted with a smooth, robust marscapone creme frosting and dressed with pecan pieces and shaved coconut on top.

The Vanilla Bean Coconut - A fluffy and robust vanilla bean cake filled with a layer of coconut infused custard, wrapped in the silken textured vanilla bean Swiss Meringue buttercream, and sprinkled with toasted coconut

The PistachioA fluffy, sweet vanilla bean cake that is layered with a whipped pistachio mousse and frosted with a decadent swiss meringue buttercream that has been fussed with homemade sweetened pistachio paste and honey

The Vanilla Pomegranate -  A delightful, aromatic vanilla cake with a tangy pomegranate whipped buttercream

The Vanilla Bean Blueberry - A rich, buttery, creamy vanilla bean cake reminiscent of homemade sugar cookies filled with a lush cheesecake filling and topped with swirls of sweet blueberry frosting

The Nutella Berry Bean - A robust vanilla bean cake filled with a velvety raspberry compote and then paired with an amazingly decadent chocolate and hazelnut buttercream

The Blackberry Lemon - A sweet and sassy lemon sponge cake filled with a rich and complex blackberry curd and then dressed with a silky blackberry swiss meringue buttercream and topped with fresh blackberries

The Coconut Key Lime - A delicate and tender coconut cake filled with a fresh and tangy key lime curd and iced with billowy, tropical key lime cream cheese frosting 

The Banana Butter Chip -  A lightly sweet, moist banana cake with swirling nibs of decadent chocolate chips that is frosted with a  rich, velvety peanut butter frosting

The Memphis Special - Inspired by Elvis, a classic banana cupcake studded with crisp candied bacon crumbles and swirls of  rich and flavorful peanut butter swiss meringue buttercream. Fit for The King!

The Hummingbird - A super moist, sweet-as-nectar cake with a delightful blend of banana, pineapple, and coconut smothered in a rich, decadent cream cheese frosting

The Sticky Bun - These cakes or cupcakes are a sweet cinnamon honey cake that rests upon a crunchy layer of roasted pecans. The cake is then filled with a special sticky bun glaze, iced with a sticky bun frosting, drizzled with glaze, and sprinkled with roasted pecans. Can also be made without nuts.

The Shoofly - A dark, rich molasses cake sits upon a bed of buttery brown sugar crumbles and is topped with a fluffy old fashioned vanilla cooked frosting and then sprinkled with more buttery brown sugar crumbles. Captures the heart of PA Dutch Country in a few delightful bites!  

 The Shortcake - A sweet, spongy vanilla shortcake cupcake filled with a fresh strawberry curd and topped with a light and creamy strawberry swiss meringue buttercream. Wunderbar! 

 The  Apple Dumpling -  A robust vanilla cake filled with juicy apple pieces and infused with cinnamon and topped with a swirl of vanilla bean ice cream frosting.

The Cardamom Peach Cobbler - These buttery vanilla cupcakes that are swirled with pieces of ripe peaches and a pinch of cardamom have a deliciously crisp cobbler streusel both on the bottom and the top and are dressed up with a swirl of vanilla bean ice cream frosting.

The S'more - A moist and flavorful graham cupcake filled with decadent chocolate ganache topped with a swirl of toasted marshmallow meringue. Get your fix without the fire! 

The Vanilla Bean White Chocolate – A decadent and crème brulee-like flourless vanilla bean cake with a hint of white chocolate and dusted with confectioner's sugar

The Basic - Vanilla with Vanilla Frosting & Vanilla with Chocolate Frosting