Pain au Chocolat - A buttery, sweet French puff pastry with decadent chocolate morsels. Perfect for breakfast! Perfect any time! ($30 per dozen)

 Pear and Honey Galette - A delicious and flaky french free form pastry that is filled with a creamy cinnamon vanilla pastry cream and then topped with juicy pears glazed with sweet honey. Serve it by the slice for breakfast or a la mode for dessert! ($25)

Caramel Apple Cinnamon Buns - Gooey, fluffy cinnamon buns rolled with the comforting taste of tart apples and warm cinnamon and then drizzled with a rich, creamy caramel sauce. Absolutely wunderbar! ($25 per dozen)

Popovers - Crisp, eggy bites of deliciousness that can be filled with an assortment of sweet or savory

Nutella Stuffed Banana Sticky Buns - Soft, gooey banana sticky buns stuffed with a rich, chocolate Nutella filling and drizzled with Nutella sauce. Ridiculously good. ($25 per dozen)

Caramel Apple Blondie Cheesecake Apple and spice and everthing nice in a blondie crust, a luscious caramel cheesecake and a delightful caramel cinnamon apple topping  ($35)